Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paving, Preparing, Training

After a long winter, our crews are finally back to work fulltime.  The paving crew has been working at the Oliver's Market on Stony Point Road, and the sealcoat crew is busy getting everything ready to start the season.  It's great to hear the sounds of the trucks, equipment and crew members in the yard again.  We've hit the point where winter projects are wrapping up and new projects are beginning. 

Today we had our OSHA required forklift training.  Here at Stripe 'N' Seal & Aaron Paving we train all of our crew members.  This year we were able to hold the training at our new facility.  Robert Turley with Northbay Lift Truck Certification performed the training and it sounded like the crews had a good time, I'm sure the donuts might have helped!  If you find a need for forklift training, we had a really good experience with Robert and you probably will too!  Check out his website:

Our very first sealcoat job is on the schedule for this Saturday, weather permitting.  We are planning on sealcoating the playground at a local elementary school.  Hopefully weather will cooperate and we can get things started.  We have nice jobs lined out to start the season and are very excited about what is in store for our company and our clients.

Crew Members Gathering for Forklift Training

Instructor:  Robert Turley

Brad (Paving) preparing the forklift for demonstrations

Brad (Sealing/Striping) and Lloyd (Paving)

Waiting for the demonstration

Jose (Paving), Cameron (Yard), Joe (Paving Foreman) & Dan (Paving) 

Lloyd (Paving) takes a test drive