Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Driven" by Surprise!

The employees of Stripe 'N' Seal were given a very special treat today.  We were all told to be here in the yard at 8 am for one of our annual required safety training sessions.  Safety training is a requirement and we usually find some pretty entertaining presenters, but lets face it the thought of getting out of bed in the morning knowing you have 4 hours of unknown safety training ahead of you, well its not that great.

After a 10 minute safety meeting about personal protection equipment (PPE) we were given the wonderful news that the rest of the morning would be spent having fun!  A surprise company party was going to be held at Driven Raceway in Rohnert Park.  Driven Raceway is an indoor go-kart track with an arcade, mini bowling and black light mini golf.  So fun - if you have never been do yourself a favor and go!  We were also treated to a yummy breakfast burrito bar provided by Sally Tomatoes Catering. 

PPE modeled by paving crew member Pete

 The food was great, the racing was FUN and the people were the BEST! All smiles, lots of laughs and more fun than I think any of us could have imagined we were in store for today.  Everyone got the opportunity to race around the track as many times as they wanted.  We played a couple games, one being "Speed Ball" which was anything but fast.  You are put on relay teams each with one colored ball and the go-karts are placed on the slowest speed setting.  The goal was to push the ball completely around the track using only your go-kart.  Sounds easy doesn't it.  Well, its not.  It was fun to play and fun to watch!  We also did a ladies only race, crew by crew race and then the big finale fastest time race.  For the finale race the go-karts speed setting went from a level 3 to a level 4! This extra level of speed definitely added to the excitement!  First place went to Brad Davis at 19.07.  At this moment he holds the best track time for the entire facility for the WEEK! Good job Brad!  Second place went to Gordon Fowler and third place went to Noah Grey. 
Three fastest employees - Gordon, Brad D and Noah

Getting ready to go
Speed Ball Race
Motley Crew
Black light mini golf

Arcade Fun

Learning how to race

We have a very diverse group working at Stripe 'N' Seal.  Its difficult to find an activity that everyone enjoys.  I think that today we found an activity to make everyone happy. If you are looking for ideas for a birthday party, a company party, corporate team building or just some place different to go on the weekend do yourself a favor and give Driven Raceway a shot.  I bet you will have a great time, I know we did! Lastly, a special thank you to our bookkeeper Laurie for suggesting Driven Raceway for a get together. Nice work!  Check out our facebook page for more photos from todays event.

The Whole Gang Check out Driven Raceways website  Check out Sally Tomatoes website

- Shaunda McCreary