Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So "that everybody could have more fun"

Every once in a while we have the opportunity to work on a project that really makes us smile.  Today we had one of those projects.  Our story starts in the peaceful, quaint town of Tomales in Marin County.  The local preschool, Shoreline Acres shares a playground with the Tomales Elementary kindergarten class.  The playground has a lot of great things.  Swings, a play structure, tricycles, a sand box, hula hoops – all kinds of fun things.  But according to one kindergartener it was missing something.  

Enter Collin M.  a graduate of Shoreline Acres preschool and now Tomales Elementary kindergarten.  He saw the need for  more games on the shared playground and decided to do something about it. He decided to personally write a letter to the preschool and present it to their board members and request that some games get painted so “that everybody could have more fun.”   We don’t need to tell you how awesome it is that a kindergartener decided to do something to better the school he and his friends attended.  The preschool was so impressed with his initiative that they contacted us to see if we could help.  

Today we had a small break in our schedule and were able take a drive to Tomales.  We were even able to get Collin out to the playground to supervise our work.  Not only did Collin get the four square he requested but also a hopscotch, a two lane running/tricycle track and we repainted the basketball lines.  As the stripers were painting the playground a couple of more kids came by to see what we were up to.  They were so thrilled and excited to see fun changes happening to the playground.  The paint was barely dry and they were already chasing each other on the track and talking about their favorite ways to play four square.  And it’s all because one little boy saw the need for change and wasn’t afraid to try and make it happen.  This is a little boy we could all learn from.  Enjoy your new games Tomales and THANK YOU to Collin.  

Laying out the two lane track

Adding a couple "Stop"s

Collin checking the crews work on a hopscotch

Collin and completed hopscotch

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